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Creatura: 1 - Nely Cab Wow. This book just did not work for me. I had some real concerns about the power dynamics between David and Isis. It's so not ok to sedate a woman in order to control her -- and that was just their first meeting. It got worse from there. Isis was a one-dimensional character and the insta-love theme just didn't work -- which was mostly reflective of the flat narrative. I really didn't appreciate the anti-feminism tone, the over-protective/jealousy dominance = love message. And I'm not referring to the whole "I'm Alpha, you're my mate" thing. I'm referring to perpetrating physical violence (yes, I do mean to use that strong of a word) onto the female just because the female talked to another boy. While some aspects to the mythology appealed to me, I couldn't get past the issues I had with the content. This book was filled with so many character stereotypes and over-used YA tropes that I really couldn't bring myself to finish it.