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Renegade - Nancy Northcott

Renegade is Nancy Northcott’s first published novel and is the first in her The Protectors series. She has created an interesting world of mages, ghouls, mundanes (non-mage humans) and demons. This story blurs the boundaries between PNR and UF with its strong romance elements and fast-paced, action-oriented plot. Regardless of how it’s categorized, I just really enjoyed it!


Northcott’s writing style is clean and engaging. She nailed the first sentence and dropped us into the story right in the thick of things. We learned about the world and the people in it as we moved through the story in a way that felt natural – you will not find bloated infodump here! Northcott struck a nice balance between internal dialogue to provide character and world-building insight while sticking with the action of the story to keep things moving forward. What a fantastic debut author and series!!...


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Source: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/11/19/review-renegade-by-nancy-northcott