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Taste of Ice

A Taste of Ice - Hanna Martine

...MiscJoy: I enjoyed Martine’s writing style. It was engaging and character-focused. She hit a good balance between character interaction, internal dialogue for deeper more personal insights and creating scenes that moved the story along at a good pace. The romance does develop a bit fast, but it wasn’t smooth-sailing and had fits and starts that, given Xavier’s history, made it seem more realistic. I think Martine created compelling characters in Xavier and Cat. Xavier was clearly a traumatized person with a horrendous history of sexual abuse. Cat challenged every boundary he had made for himself and as much as he was afraid of what might happen should he let her in his life, he craved the normalcy of what she offered. I liked how Cat used humor and sarcasm to distract Xavier from his social awkwardness and brooding thoughts and snap him back into the moment with her. Cat was so sensitive to Xavier’s needs even when she didn’t fully understand what he was going through. She was able to think through her knee-jerk response of feeling rejected and wanting to storm out to realizing that it wasn’t about her and the mature thing to do was extend the line of communication for whenever he was ready to address it...


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Source: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/01/03/joint-review-a-taste-of-ice-by-hanna-martine