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Easy - Tammara Webber

...MiscJoy: This book almost makes me want to go back and re-live my early twenties. Almost. Can I just have Lucas? As a forty-something, this book transported me back to that time in life where everything was so open with possibility yet terrifyingly frightening at the same time. Every new life experience carried so much more emotional weight because it was the first. Difficult situations felt so much more overwhelming because there wasn’t anything to draw from. The wisdom pool as yet unfilled. I felt the following quote summed this age up perfectly:


"I shut my door, leaned against it, and slid to the floor, quaking. Tears skated in tracks down my face and my breath shuddered out, leaving my chest aching. I wanted to run away. To go home. To be ignorant of getting dumped, of having dreams dashed, of constantly feeling too inexperienced and stupid to deal with my own life.*"

*emphasis mine


Who hasn’t felt that way at one time or other?


I loved this story. I loved the main characters. I loved their journey. I LOVED the prose. What a beautiful voice. The way Webber layered this story was inspired. She took us deeper and deeper, pulling us into the character’s lives and histories, coaxing their secrets to the surface, weaving relationships together. How brilliant of Webber to present such an important message about sexual assault wrapped up within a poignant story of empowerment, forgiveness and healing...


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