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The Seventh Victim

The Seventh Victim - Mary Burton

In this Romantic Suspense, Lara has been on the run for the past seven years after surviving an attack in which she had been drugged, raped and nearly strangled to death. She was left with little-to-no memory of the attack – certainly nothing that could help the detectives with her case. Her attacker, the Seattle Strangler, was never caught and seemed to disappear. When she finally returns to her childhood home in Austin to deal with her late grandmother’s estate, she begins to feel a sense of belonging and realizes that her years of running have left her adrift and alone. Just as she begins to settle in, the killings start up again.


I’m a bit conflicted as I sit down to write this review. On the one hand, I did mostly enjoy this story. Yes, it has some problems, but I found myself entertained anyway. On the other hand, I just didn’t find this Romantic Suspense all that suspenseful. I had figured out who attacked Lara seven years ago by the second or third time this person entered into the story. I also felt there were some pretty clear dots a detective should have easily connected (after all, they were present in the narrative), but instead everyone just kept scratching their heads wondering who the killer was and why the MO had changed. As a result, the Rangers just came off as being rather inept on the whole. But I’m getting ahead of myself...


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