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Joint Review – Broken Silence (Baltimore Series #3.5) by Karen Rose

Broken Silence - Karen Rose


MinnChica: I’ve read the last few Rose books, and found that she was easily a new favorite for romantic suspense. Her books are like an intense murder mystery with a heavy dose of romance, character development, and creepy villains. When I saw she was continuing the story of Daphne and Joseph, I couldn’t wait to find out how Daphne was doing after the total emotional destruction of the last case she worked. It was such a treat to not only see her move on emotionally, but also get to see Joseph working a case. *sigh* I love these two! This was a super short novella (only about 50 pages or so), and to me read more like an extended epilogue, with a little extra suspense kick.


MiscJoy: I would add that if you haven’t yet read Did You Miss Me? (Baltimore Series #3), and think you might like to, then do that before reading this novella. As MinnChica said, this short novella seems more like an extended epilogue to that story. It’s not necessary to have read the previous book in order to appreciate this novella. However, this novella does allude to some of the details and ultimate resolutions of the previous book which I think would spoil a bit of the tension and suspense. Having not read the previous book myself, I kinda wish I’d known that — so I’m just passing that along. Really, I picked up Broken Silence because I wanted an introduction into Karen Rose’s writing. I enjoy Romantic Suspense and had heard good things about her work. From that perspective, this novella did the trick. I’m looking forward to reading more from Rose in the future...


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